SYMBIO Kids Shorts

Color: Orange
Size: 104
SKU: 48300_ORA_104
Sale price$31.00 USD
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Thin neoprene shorts for the kid water lover.
+ A version of the Symbio shorts adjusted for the smalles paddlers out there.
+ The cut is made for a paddlers anatomy with the back rising higher to provide better protection for your lower back even in the seated position.
+ Thanks to the combination of two different kinds of e.prene these shorts are a perfect blend between comfort, durability and performance - keeping them perfectly in place while not restricting movement.
+ Back panel is made from DuoBase 1.5 Alpha that is more resistant to compression.
+ Front and side panels are made from soft DuoSilk 1.0 Alpha - it is a bit more stretchy but offers enough support to preven balooning and flooding when jumping in and out of water.
+ The rear has a thin film of anti-slip coating to help keep you in place whether you are sitting in a kayak, on a raft or a paddle board.

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