Paddling school

We at Hiku grew up around the water and it gives us great pleasure to pass on the beauty of paddling. Showing people that a day on the water is one to remember, a day lived to the fullest.

In Troja, we offer paddling lessons that are designed for both complete beginners and advanced paddlers who want to work on specific skills.

Lessons take place on the artificial slalom track and its surrounding area in Prague Troja. Our store, which is located directly in the FTVS UK shipyard, serves as a background.

The price of the lesson includes the rental of all equipment (boat, paddle, helmet, vest, jacket). Please bring water shoes, a swimsuit and a t-shirt/thermal shirt.

Individual lessons:
The lesson is intended for 1-2 people and lasts 90 minutes. It is thematically focused according to the client's wishes (first time on the water, learning a new element, correcting a mistake, improving technique, dispelling fear, etc.) The advantage of the lessons is 100% concentration of the instructor directly on the client.

Lesson prices:
For 1 person: CZK 900
For 2 people: CZK 1,450

Because paddling in a group is always more fun, we also offer courses for 3-5 people. Do you have friends who want to go with you? Call us or stop by our store in Troja and arrange a course that will be set up specifically for your group.

The courses usually contain 6 lessons that last 90 minutes and are methodically created so that they follow each other. The goal of our courses is for each participant to feel improved after the course and be able to enjoy their stay on wild water.

Course price negotiable.