Our roots

"It started inconspicuously, with the fact that it was not possible to buy quality boating equipment in Czechoslovakia at the time. I agreed with a friend - a kayaker from the USA, who had a float company there, that she would send me the material, and I would try to sew it here," recalls Marcela Hilgertová about the birth of the HIKO company. "Always after dinner, we put the children to sleep, removed the tablecloth from the table, on which the lengths of the straps and elastics were indicated, and got to work with my husband," she describes her beginnings at the sewing machine in the kitchen of a Prague block of flats.

From a sewing machine in the kitchen, through a rented room on the ground floor of university dormitories, larger premises in Prague's Uhříněvsa and then in Mníšek pod Brdy, the company finally reached its "own", current headquarters in Jíloviště. Here is not only a store with a sample room, but also production workshops and a warehouse. The production gradually grew from the first life jacket to several hundred products, from wild water to equipment for most water sports and water rescuers. Over 60 employees are currently involved in the running of the company.

And how did the name of the family company, which has been supplying the market with equipment for boaters for a quarter of a century, come about?

The history goes back to the middle of the last century, when the fathers of Ivan and Marcela - Luboš HI LGERT and Zdeněk KO ŠŤÁL, they met in the representative team of the former Czechoslovakia as competitors in wild water slalom. They taught their children to love water and sports. And the name HIKO was born from the first syllables of their famous surnames.

Czech production, Czech development and Czech design are successfully finding their way to you, our customers. This is also why our company has become one of the world's best-known manufacturers in its field. When developing all products, we draw on our own experience as well as that of our HIKO test team, consisting of top riders of various paddling disciplines. We follow the latest trends both in the field of new materials and new technologies. From the very beginning, we have been guided by the philosophy that only the best is good enough.

We try to provide you with the best possible goods and quality service, so that HIKO brand equipment enhances your extraordinary experiences on the water.