Our life and passion spins around paddling - so is our brand and people around us. It really is you - the people we meet doing this that drives us to do things better every day.

About us

30 years of experience

Marcela a Ivan Hilgert, both professional slalom athletes, met kayaking...


Our own Production in Jiloviste

Home production keeps evolving in size and technologically.

Art of Production

Hiko was and is built around its own ability to produce goods. It doesn't go away. On the contrary - home production keeps evolving in size and technologically.

We used to wonder: Should we focus more on designing or manufacturing? Now, we know that creating outstanding products means being experts in both.

How fast and how effectively you can make connections between function and design is equally as important as making the connection between designs and the final procurement.

Ongoing evolution

At Hiko every member contributes to not only building a better product but to building it better.

Longer seam, split panel, better glue, stronger machine, different machine, sometimes a different fabric, cooling system for a needle.These are all ideas of the people making the product on a daily basis.

All of them helped to move the production design towards more consistency and better quality.

"V každém, kdo se dotkne výrobku na jeho cestě k existenci, je kus vývojáře a v Hiku má šanci se projevit."

says Matyas, Hiko senior designer.

Our Approach to Product Design

Design Philosophy

Crafting with Purpose

At Hiko, our design philosophy is a testament to our commitment to functional design built around durability. Each piece of paddling gear is meticulously crafted to not only meet the needs of adventurers but also withstand the challenges of the elements. We believe in creating products that are not just stylish and functional but also built to last, ensuring a reliable companion for your aquatic adventures.


Extending the Life of Adventure

Hiko stands firm in its commitment to repairability. We firmly believe that when a product can be repaired, it should be. Empowering our users to repair their gear not only extends the life of the product but also promotes a sustainable approach to outdoor equipment. Repairability is more than a principle for us; it's a practice embedded in every stitch and seam of our paddling gear.


Transforming Waste into Wonder

As manufacturers, we recognize the privilege and responsibility to embed upcycling into our manufacturing processes. Turning scrap materials into innovative, high-quality products is not just a goal but a reality at Hiko. We see the opportunity to turn environmental liabilities into value, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Our commitment to upcycling goes beyond conventional practices, creating paddling gear that tells a unique story of transformation from waste to wonder.


The ultimate judges of product design. Your feedback, complaints, suggestions have enormous value in shaping Hiko product.

Thank you!