As a boating company with our own production, we offer top-quality post-warranty service for all our products. You can enter the repair in person at our stores in Troja or Jíloviště, or you can send it to our production in Jíloviště.

Procedure for entering a correction:
    1. Make sure the goods are dry and clean .
    2. Fill out the correction form .
    3. Pack the clean goods together with the completed form and send them to the address below, or bring them to one of our stores .

      Address for sending corrections:
      Hiko sport s.r.o
      Clay pit 261
      Prague - west, 252 02

We repair products of other brands only after prior consultation . If you have equipment from another manufacturer, call ahead to phone number: +420 267 710 867. There is a risk of incompatibility of our technologies or materials with the technologies or materials of a specific manufacturer. This could lead to a problematic course of repair in terms of time, price and quality. We do not provide a warranty for the repair of third-party equipment.

Repair price list

Type of repair
(includes labor and material used)


Changing the latex at the neck

Adding a latex neck 1520
Changing the latex on the leg
Wrist latex replacement

Latex sock

Corduroy sock 720
Neoprene at the neck 990
Neoprene on the wrist 350
Dry suit leak test 940
Dry suit hanger 1620
Dry suit main zip replacement 3080

Repair a hole in your dry clothes from the comfort of your own home.

Air4 repair kit

How to do it