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This ultra light drydeck combines the best characteristics of the Zephyr long sleeve dry top and the new K1 Repeat Sprayskirt.

The Zephyr long sleeve is a featherweight semi-dry top that was carefully constructed with minimum seams to reduce weight as far as possible
+ Made from Carbonflex which is an extremely light and elastic fabric
+ The inside of the Zephyr top is further completed with a cellulose-based finish to minimize friction between the paddler and garment, allowing one to move as freely as possible.
+ One can easily forget about the neoprene cuffs and collar as they are constructed from thin and flexible Neopspan for more comfort
+ Designed for the demands of racing, great for any water activity

The new Repeat is 6 cm longer than its forerunner K Flex. The idea was to make the skirt easier to put on to take off even for the youngest padlers. Additonaly Repeat is made from e.prene - the newest update to eco-friendly neoprene.
+ Made from NTX2 e.prene to ensure water tightness along with a very light weight, and thanks to the flexibility it naturally moves with the racer without resistance. NTX2 e.prene is specifically used on our high end racing skirts.
+ The fit has been specifically tailored to fit the rims of K1 slalom cockpits allowing it to be easily put on, keeping the boat dry and eliminating any unnecessary material
+ The pull tab for quick release (should the need arise) is made from a thin and lightweight webbing to minimize the risk of accidental touches"

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