EAGLE 25M Throw Rope

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One of three birds of pray that successfully challenged the status quo in what is considered the best throw rope design, EAGLE 25M Throw Rope is equipped with a solid feel 10mm thick and 25 meter long and polypropylen rope with a core. The bag is itself is packed with innovative features designed to make the bag faster to deploy, easier to store, more durable a more reliable than ever before. Developed with guides and rescue professional this throw rope means serious business, however, there is no harm in it being really good looking too.
+ Reinforced entry with an innovative collapsing mechanism is secured by a military grade buckle. It is quick, reliable, durable and surprisingly compact.
+ The wall of the bag is reinforced with PE foam keeping the bag afloat, saving valuable space inside and maintaining the shape of the bag for easier feed of the rope.
+ The combination of high tensile sling with a metal ring at the inside of the bag provides an easy access to the knot. Exposed loop for a carabiner attachment remains consistent no matter how you tie the rope to the metal ring.
+ The end of each rope is visibly marked and you have the option to secure it in one of two loops located near opening.
+ The bag is compatible with the NEST belt system
+ 25 m long / 10 mm diameter Polypropylen rope with core

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