Extreme White Water (K1)

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Andrew Morrissey

TOP results:

+ participation in the most difficult races in North America

+ running Salto Preze and Dirty Gerd were the scariest things I've done

+ traveling throughout the US

+ paddling all over Chile and Brazil

+ two laps on the Stikine and running Silver and Sahalie falls just after 6 months off paddling from a broken leg

Where and when did you start paddling?

In 2011 on Hood River (Oregon).

Why do you ride on water?

It's an unpopular sport that takes you where you wouldn't otherwise go.

Another reason is the inexhaustible canyons of our world that need kayakers to find them.

What is your favorite place to paddle?

US West Coast. There is a wide spectrum of wild water.

What is your best boating experience?

My heart is a 5th-class kayak, but it often pulls me into the waves of the ocean.

In short, I enjoy everything that is at least a little bit dangerous and can really "splash" me.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

More first descents, more nights spent on the river, more paddling, searching for pristine waterfalls that no one knows about yet.

What do you like to do when you're not paddling?

Surfing or skiing in deep snow.