Aleš Daněk, Ondřej Pinkava, Jan Šťastný, Jan Havlíček

Czech slalom skiers and downhill skiers got together, formed a relaxed band and started having fun rafting. They carry medals from European and world championships, and they will continue to fight for medals in the growing competition.


Discipline : R4, R6


TOP results:

1. ME Lipno 2012

3rd WC Zoetermeer 2010

3rd place at the WC in slalom - Kawerau, New Zealand - 2013

1st place at ME R4 overall - Čuňovo 2014

2nd place at WC R4 overall - Brazil 2014


Why do you ride on water?

Look around the world, have a good time and enjoy a party by the water.


Favorite track/river?



Your best boating experience?

Every time we look down on the opponent from above (after a victory).


Goals and plans for the future?

To keep the bar set and still have fun in the wild water.