Girls names:

We have a permanent R4 crew where they drive Áďa Hricová, Kačka Dušková, Sabka Foltysová and Majka Mrázková

...and then we add someone to the top six every time.


RAFTS - slalom, long downhill, sprint, H2H


TOP results:

The title of absolute women's world champions from the 2017 WC in Japan - we didn't expect it at all and nobody considered us as favorites as newcomers.

Anyway, we appreciate all the medals and I think we all remember the very first one.


How did you start?

We all rode and some of us still ride water slalom, where we met.

The first to ride rafts was Sabka, who decided to start her own crew and it was clear.


Why do you ride on water?

We ride on water because it gives us big shoulders, which is quite convenient when you come home alone in the evening :-)

Most of all, we enjoy it!


Why do you call yourselves Beasts?

We've been calling ourselves beasts since the World Championships in Japan, where guys started calling us that when we started collecting medals.

Then they came shouting and it was clear :-)


What is your favorite river (course)?

We like wild water and challenges, so we were excited about the long downhill race course in Argentina. We liked that the organizers let us race on the same course as the adult crews which usually doesn't happen and we race on an easier section of the river. Among the rivers in the Czech Republic, we like Čerťáky in Lipno. We can't race there yet, but we've driven them a few times outside of the race and every time it's a great experience.


What was your greatest boating experience?

The first medal from the WC in Japan - stopro! In my opinion, it's all just about gathering experiences. Rituals accompanying our training sessions, shouting, sailing to the EC in Čunov and the subsequent win, hitchhiking on the back of a car to the start of the slalom WC in Argentina because the organizer didn't arrange a transfer, chumelenice on Spindle, when you can't unstick your fingers from a paddle or panic on Lipno when your whole raft is flooded. But the most important thing is that we collect common experiences even outside the water, and there aren't many of them either


What are your goals and plans for the future?

The plans are mainly to come back, at the moment we have a break due to the long-term illness of one of the members and also because of school.

So the main goal is to come back and secure a stable place in the senior national team, as this year is our last year in the U23 category.


What do you like to do when you're not paddling?

When we're not paddling, we're also eating, we're also catching up on studies and work, and there's a little time left over for our loved ones.



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