Care of latex cuffs

Latex cuffs are perfectly adherent and sealing. However, we pay for these excellent properties by the fact that the material is very delicate and can be easily damaged if handled carelessly. By following a few principles, we will significantly extend the durability of the latex parts of our equipment.

We can adjust the size of the latex cuff by cutting or trimming the conical part. However, we only use a perfectly sharp knife or scissors and we carefully ensure that the cut is smooth and uniform. Any notch leads to its early destruction along its entire length.

  • Take off or put on the latex cuffs carefully.
  • Do not expose the product to unnecessary direct sunlight (do not leave the product loose behind the glass in the car, always transport in protective packaging).
  • You do not unnecessarily expose latex to heat and cold. Due to UV radiation and temperature fluctuations, latex degrades and becomes brittle, it does not benefit from being loaded, for example under a pile of other objects.
  • Before storing the latex cuff for a longer period, treat it with a dry powder or spray with silicone oil.
  • Have swollen cuffs professionally replaced in good time by the manufacturer, possibly before shipping, latex tearing is sudden and can surprise you in the middle of a boating trip at the least convenient moment.