Extreme races and wild water, slalom, Hiko team manager

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Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Michael Buchtel

TOP results:

3rd place EKEC 2016 (European Extreme Kayak Cup)

5th place Adidas Sickline 2016

1st place DAM2DAM Devil's race 2016

1st place Extreme downhill Kayak Castle rapid race, Ita 2016

2nd place Outdoormix 2014

2nd place Devil's Extreme Race 2014

Champion of the Czech Republic in slalom 2009

2009 K1m Patrol World Champion

Where did you start?

I started paddling on Ohře on the nice natural Hubertus rapid near Karlovy Vary. I stayed in the team there and often trained until I was 18 before I permanently moved to Prague to USK.

Why do you ride on water?

From the beginning, I just enjoyed riding, I was always on the water, and success came out of nowhere. Then when I focused on the result, it was always worse and I was stressed about it. Then I tried extreme races and trips to beautiful rivers and it absorbed me and showed me a different way of looking at things. Since then I have enjoyed both. After going down a difficult or beautiful river or some drop, you really don't care if in a week you'll hit the slalom races, after all, that's not the point, you need to enjoy the ride wherever it is.

Favorite track/river/spot?

Lipno is great for slalom and downhill. If I look further, probably Verzasca, Guil, Bourg Saint Maurice.

Your best boating experience?

The trip to the waterfall on Verzasca, the final of Sickline, the victory at the WC, it's all a great experience, especially thanks to the people who are with you.

Other favorite activities?

SNB, cross-country skiing, cycling, any outdoor sport.