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Italy 🇮🇹

Luca Daprá

TOP results:

Many first runs in Austria and Italy: Pille Drop (Pfelderer Bach) and Tòll (River Etsch)

12th place OutdoorMix 2015

7th place King of the Fall 2013 (Eporedia Active Days - ITA)

King of the Alps Organization (5th Year)

Where did you start?

I started in Meran in 2005 as a slalom skier, since 2008 I have been riding only on open water.

South Tyrol directly encourages...

Why do you ride on water?

It's my passion. I have tried all other sports and only kayaking gives me that feeling of satisfaction and some kind of meaning.

It gives me the opportunity to travel and see different places from a slightly different perspective, and by the way, kayakers are the best group of people to befriend and bond with.

Favorite track/river/spot?

Passer River Gorge below the town of Moos in Pasir, my home run.

The Kokatahi River in New Zealand is the second choice!

Your best boating experience?

Every day on the water is a wonderful day and a great experience!

Goals and plans for the future?

Travel around the world, some Chile, Norway, back to New Zealand, if I can get at least something, I will be satisfied.

Otherwise, the King of the Alps organization is in full swing and I hereby invite you all to participate or even just as spectators!

Other favorite activities?

Skiing, climbing and anything that can be done in nature.