Canoe slalom (K1, C1)

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Australia 🇦🇺

Jessica Fox

TOP results:

+ 7x World Championship wins

+ 3rd place at the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016

+ 2nd place at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Where and when did you start riding on water?

I have my first memories of paddling a kayak when I was quite young. It was at the Marseille Mazargues club in France where my dad was the founder and my mum coached there. When I was around ten years old, I went to a couple of summer camps with the L'Argentierre la Baissee club. I started training regularly at the age of 12 in Penrith on the canal.

Both your parents were accomplished kayakers. Was it motivating for you or did you feel under pressure? Or both?

The beginnings were difficult because, as the daughter of two champions, there was a certain expectation from me. That's why I think I didn't want to paddle much in the beginning. But as soon as I got into the kayak, I started having a lot of fun. And then when I started racing, I completely fell in love with it! At my first Junior World Championships in Foix in 2010, I felt the pressure a bit more, but I really wanted to prove that I could make it as a kayaker on my own, regardless of who my parents were. And finally, my parents didn't compete in two disciplines, so that makes me different from them.

What is your favorite track?

From the artificial London tracks and from the natural Bourg St. Maurice.

What is your greatest experience?

I have fond memories of my first junior camp, when I discovered European rivers and tracks for the first time with my friends.

And then I have so many great racing experiences, the best of which are probably the Olympic Games.

What is the best and worst part of training?

Fun technique training, playing with water, learning new passages and training on difficult courses are the best! And the least popular training is the gym or heavy lactate training. But then again, the feeling when you're done is great!

Have you ever floated down a river?

It's been a few years now. I was in Bourg St Maurice and La Pallaresa in Spain. I love going down the river (when it's not too difficult), enjoying beautiful places and picturesque landscapes.

What do you like to do when you're not paddling?

When I'm not in the boat I'm quite busy with the media, commitments to sponsors, work and studies, but when it comes to entertainment I like to go to the beach or for walks in the forest behind the house - I just like to get out and discover the beauty of our country!

When I'm at home, I like to go to a cafe with my friends for a big breakfast.

And to unwind - I like to cook, read, watch Netflix or paint (which I'm not good at at all, but I still enjoy it).

Do you prefer a kayak or a canoe?

Both when. I just got a new kayak so K1 is leading right now!

Is it an advantage to compete in multiple disciplines?

I think yes. The advantage is that you ride the track more than once! But then again, it is more demanding, both mentally and physically. And sometimes you don't have time to train both disciplines well enough when there are races every week. But I think I learned a lot thanks to combining the two disciplines, and I especially enjoy the variability of the training.

Who is the best female kayaker in the world?

I would say that in the last seasons Rici Funk one day, me the next.

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

Joe Clark because he has a freaking cute dog!

Canoe Slalom Fails because we all make mistakes and laughing is healthy :)