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Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Honza Havelka

TOP results:

3rd place ME freestyle 2014

4th place Norwegian kayaking cup 2016

2nd place Sjoa teamrace 2016

1st place MČR freestlye 2014

Where did you start?

I started with my dad and at the same time in the children's department, which my dad used to lead.

Why do you ride on water?

Why? Nouria Newman made a nice video about it. Because there is nothing better than being on the river, where not many people go, only with friends whom one can and must really trust.

Favorite track/river/spot?

Spot about Pilsen, because I "grew up" on it, and the river is about Teigdalen in Norway.

A matter of the heart Otter, but shhhh ;).

Your best boating experience:

Memorial float for drowned kayakers as part of Ekstremsportvek in Norway. It's amazing to see so many enthusiastic people on a super river. In addition, with the feeling of remembering people who unfortunately cannot be there with us.

Goals and plans for the future:

Get further and more often with your kayak.

Live your dream.

Other popular activities:

Anything that makes sense: freeskiing, jumping into the water, skateboarding, sometimes going out for a beer with friends.