C1 whitewater, Freestyle and a little slalom

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Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Honza Choutek

TOP results:

- 1st place MČR freestyle 2014

- 1st place Krakonošovo Labíčko 2013

- 3rd place Trnava Race 2014... among kayakers

- 2nd place Devils Extreme Race 2012

- 5th place ME freestyle 2012

Where did you start?

I started in the children's department in Hradec Králové.

Why do you ride on water?

Because I love it. Relaxation on the river, where everything goes aside and I am with myself and with friends.

Adrenaline and disappointment at races. Great feeling after some big bang.

Favorite track/river/spot?

There are too many of them. Untertalbach, Oetz, Lipno...

spot: Plattling

Your best boating experience?

Every time I ride a new river for the first time.

Goals and plans for the future?

Chasing kayakers on a single :-) better.

Other favorite activities?

Running, cross-country skiing, gym. I like to try new things.