Eva Lasko

Discipline : White water expedition, Extreme racing, Freestyle


TOP results/expeditions :

1st place Cnawr rodeo Tour Plzen, Czech Republic

1st place Krakonošovo Labíčko, Kayak cross, Vrchlabí, Czech Republic

6th place Freestyle Euro Cup, Plattling, Germany

5th place, Freestyle Euro Cup, Bratislava, Slovakia

1st place, Open Championship of Slovakia in Kayak cross, Bratislava, Slovakia

Expeditions: New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Siberia-Russia + trips everywhere possible in Europe.


Where did you start?

In Čunovo - in the Čunovo water sports complex.


Why do you ride on water?

ever since I met kayaking and we met, I try to spend every possible moment on the water. Whether on a creek boat - on wild rivers or on a rodeo boat - in waves, rollers:) I inherited travel boots and found that it is ideal to travel with a kayak. From a kayak, he looks at the world from a different angle and gets to places that many cannot reach. That's why I've been flying to "warm countries" with my kayak during the winter:) - Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand...-

And in the summer I make full use of European destinations for paddling.


Favorite track/river/spot?

You can't choose just one.


Your best boating experience?

Expedition in Russia.


Other popular activities:

Any sports.



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