Extreme White Water (K1), Photographer 📸

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Czech Republic 🇨🇿

David Sodomka


Turkey, Nepal, India, Pakistan,
Georgia, Ecuador, Costa Rica,
Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe,
Norway, USA.

How did you get into vaulting?

By tram

Do you think you would photograph whitewater if you weren't paddling yourself?
This is unrealistic. The best necrophile is always the gravedigger.

Beautiful photos from the water are usually not free. Which photo cost you the most effort of all?

When I take a nice photo, I'll let you know.
Does wanting to take a photo ever limit you in the sense that you might not enjoy that stretch of river as much?

That question doesn't make much sense, but luckily I know what you wanted to ask. Today I have it so that my joy multiplies with a good photo on the river. I am happy + Honzik is happy + Hiko is happy + kayak session is happy. Multiplied joy equals 800 EUR.

Why don't you want to take girls on expeditions?

A person would slack off once and in no time they are on a bus full of ladies on a trip to Makarska for pilates. I don't know what pilates is, but I know that especially women do it.

What type of rivers do you enjoy the most?

I'm still waiting for some real body question and they're still awkward paddling questions.
This year you spent a month in America with our team rider Ondra Tunka. How do slalom skiers ride on white water?
How they ride on water, I have no idea, but they definitely lack the most important drive and that is partying. However, Tuňák is not that vain. Although he turns his nose up at beer, he gets soft over a bottle of handsome rum very easily.
Is there an underrated destination about to experience a boating boom?