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K1 White Water, Slalom, Cross

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New Zealand 🇳🇿

George Snook

Where, when and how did you start paddling?
I began paddling on the on a flat water lagoon and on lake Rotoiti in Okere Falls. 

Why do you like to paddle?
Im there for a good time. But I also love the art of combining mental, physical and technical skills into one. Every so often all three are working together and it feel epic!

Who has had the most profound influence on you (in paddling)?
Probably my father but there are also a bunch of people that have great paddling and safety attributes and I try take the best of what I see and implement them into my kayaking and safety game. I have watched hours of Aniol/Evan Garcia with the intent of studying the way they move in the boat. 

What part of training is the most fun and on the opposite side which part is the most painful?
I love all the time on the water or in the gym but dislike tracking my training and recording information on my session but I know its good for me in the long term. Its nice to able to look back and try understand what was working and what was not.

Name a river and a course you like the most and tell us why?
Kaituna River - Its my home and such a great river for training and becoming a better kayaker. Mangahao whitewater park - My favourite slalom course as it is out of cell phone reception and is surrounded by bush. Its tucked away in the North Island of New Zealand and its a really nice place to camp and train for a week or so. The features are good for practice but not always the classic moves so provides the right amount of variety.

Who is according to you the best paddler in the world and why?
No answer. There are alot of people who are great or "the best" at different aspects of kayaking but no one is the greatest at all of them all of the time.

What are you plans for the future?
Keep paddling, have a good time and seek out knowledge/new skills in fields that interest me.

What do you like to do when you are not paddling?
Surfing, biking, learning new stuff...